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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy your stay. Here are my most recent photo sessions.

Electronic Summer 2014 festival in Gothenburg, September 2014 Electronic Summer 2014
The Mobiles Homes 30 year anniversary show in Stockholm, March 2014 The Mobiles Homes
Bodyfest 2013 festival in Stockholm, October 2013 Bodyfest 2013
Electronic Summer 2013 festival in Gothenburg, September 2013 Electronic Summer 2013
Mesh in Gothenburg, April 2013 Mesh 2013
TORUL in Gothenburg, April 2013 TORUL 2013
Bodyfest 2011 in Stockholm, October 2011 Bodyfest 2011
Assemblage 23 in Stockholm, June 2011 Assemblage 23
Spetsnaz and Marlow in Stockholm, June 2011 Spetsnaz / Marlow
Agent Side Grinder in Stockholm, June 2011 Agent Side Grinder
Nitzer Ebb in Stockholm, April 2011 Nitzer Ebb
Die Krupps in Stockholm, April 2011 Die Krupps